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Vodafone Tablet Contracts

Vodafone Tablet PC

The tablet computer is the next big gadget to have. If you have yet to get one, we suggest that you look into contract plans. This way, you get to enjoy cheaper tablet fees and mobile browsing credits as well. For those who are loyal to Vodafone, you will be happy to know that there are now several Vodafone tablet plans available here in the UK. Let's take a look.

For those who are looking for more choices, sit back and relax because Vodafone will soon offer iPad2 plans. For now, we don't have details regarding these new tablet deals but we're sure that they will be awesome.

  • Vodafone Tablet PC - Samsung Galaxy Tab

    One Vodafone tablet PC that you can get is the Samsung Galaxy Tab. This Android tablet is offered with a one-time fee of £399. If you like this Vodafone tablet PC, you can choose from 3 rolling monthly data plans that this network offers. One costs only £3 per month. If you choose this cheap plan, you will be charged according to the MB that you use. The second costs £7.50 and has a data allowance of £500MB. The third is pricier at £15 per month but you will enjoy 2GB of data and 1GB of WiFi access on this deal.

  • Vodafone Tablet - iPad 2

    You can now purchase the Apple iPad 2 on the Vodafone network as one of their Vodafone Tablet pc choices. There are 3 different options for you to choose from, upfront fee of £229 and then £27 per month for the 16GB iPad 2 with 2GB allowance. The 32GB iPad 2 has an upfront fee of £279, then £27 per month and the 64GB iPad 2 has an upfront fee of £379 and £27 per month. All Vodafone tablet pc deals for the iPad come with an allowance of 2GB per month.

  • Vodafone Tablet PC Microsim

    If you have an iPad, you can easily make it a Vodafone tablet by purchasing one of the micro sims that this network offers. These cost £3, £7.50, and £15 per month as well. They also come with the same terms and web browsing credits as the Samsung Galaxy plans.