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O2 Tablet Contracts

O2 Tablet PC

When looking to get a good contract plan with any device, it helps to be given a good selection. On O2, you will be happy to know that you can have up to three O2 tablet plans to choose from. Your O2 tablet PC can be the Dell Streak, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, or the Apple iPad. Let's take a look at these deals and find the perfect plan for you. Both the Dell Streak and the Galaxy Tab are Android tablets and available within the O2 Tablet plans today.

  • O2 Tablet PC - Dell Streak 32GB

    If you want the Dell Streak, the O2 tablet PC deals that you can choose from will come with mobile minutes and texts. This is because this tablet will allow you to make calls and send SMS. You can also do those with the Galaxy Tab, but the O2 tablet deals offered with this device today come with web browsing credits only.

  • O2 Tablet - Samsung Galaxy Tab

    If you choose the Samsung Galaxy Tab, you will need to pay £399 for the tablet first. You can then enjoy three types of pay as you go deals. The cheapest costs only £2.04 and comes with 200MB of data. This is a daily plan. The second will let you enjoy 1GB of data allowance and costs only £10.21. The third is priced at £15.32 and comes with 2GB of data. The last two plans are rolling monthly deals and will let you enjoy unlimited public WiFi as well.

  • O2 Tablet PC Microsim

    The terms given with the iPad O2 data plans are the same as the ones for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. What the network sells is only the micro sim, though. You will need to get your own iPad elsewhere. The Data plans for the iPad are available from only £2.04 per day for 200mb. 1GB data plans are available on a 30 day term for only £10.21 and the 2GB O2 data plan comes at a cost of £15.32 for 30 days also.