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Binatone Homesurf 7


Binatone Homesurf 7 Tab Overview

Do you know that you can get a tablet computer now that will cost you less than £100? This is not just any tablet computer we are talking about. This is a tablet from a known brand, Binatone. If you are looking to get a feel on the way tablet computers work, checking out one of the Binatone Homesurf 7 deals available today is your best bet. With the Binatone Homesurf 7 price at only £99.99, you will not be spending too much on a device that you may not be useful in your life. Take note, that the original Binatone Homesurf 7 price was £130. Binatone Homesurf 7 deals today are much cheaper and it would be a shame for you not to get one.

Main Features For Binatone Homesurf 7 Tablet:

  • Android OS
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Great for listening to music and watching movies
  • Touchscreen display
  • Accelerometer for auto-rotate
  • Perfect for browsing the web
  • Perfect for checking emails
  • With 2GB Hard drive
  • Binatone Homesurf 7 Review by Debz

    *Scoring: 90+ Best - 80+ Very Good - Below 70 Avoid
    Touch Screen Response:
    Internet Speed:
    Internet Surfing Ability:
    Appearance (cool looks):
    Overall Value

    So what do you get with a tablet that costs less than a hundred pounds? We are aware that this tablet is not for everyone. However, there are people who will find the Binatone Homesurf 7 tablet more than adequate for their daily browsing and entertainment needs.
    Truthfully, we can honestly say that we like several things about this affordable tablet. For one, the design doesn't look that cheap. The weight and dimensions are perfect; the screen is just right for watching videos and movies. We can easily stash the Binatone Homesurf 7 tablet inside our bag and carrying it around doesn't make us feel that we're showing off.
    Under the hood, the Android 2.2 OS is a delight. For something this cheap, one would not expect a top of the line mobile platform to be included. With Android under the hood, it has been fun checking out applications from the Android Market. Of course, this tablet is not without its shortcomings. However, we will get into that after we rave about the things we love about the Binatone Homesuf 7 tab. Checking our email and browsing the world wide web was generally smooth on this tablet computer. This tablet sure saved us from dying of boredom a couple of times we were out and about with nothing to do. Generally, this tablet was easy to use and does its job rather well.
    The only things that we wished Binatone considered adding were a faster processor and Flash. Both will sure make the device faster. Flash is also pretty much an essential and would make the Binatone Homesurf 7 tab one of the tablets to have this season.
    Our final words: The Binatone Homesurf 7 is the tablet to consider if you are looking to investigate what the fuss is all about regarding these tablet computers. When you realise that you like using this device, you can opt to upgrade to a tablet with way better features. Keeping Homesurf 7 is always a great option, of course.

    Binatone Homesurf 7 Price 10 : The Binatone Homesurf 7 is a must have tablet pc at under £100 it is excellent value for money!

    Binatone Homesurf 7 Functions 8.0: The Homesurf 7 has most of the functions you expect from a tablet, android, apps, internet browser ect. Lacks Flash

    Binatone Homesurf 7 Touch Screen Response 9.0: The response of the Binatone Touchscreen is as good as any other tablet pc, quick and responsive!

    Binatone Homesurf 7 Size 9.0: At 7 inches this is the perfect companion to slip in your pocket or bag.

    Binatone Homesurf 7 Battery Life 7.0: Battery life is approx 3 hours which isnt too bad, could be improved

    Binatone Homesurf 7 Internet Speed 7.0: Not as fast at other tablets at loading internet pages, could do with a faster processor. Not a major problem though as pages are displayed in full.

    Binatone Homesurf 7 Internet Surfing Ability 9.0: Would have 10 if the Binatone Homesurf 7 supported Flash. Flash is needed to to view some of todays websites!

    Binatone Homesurf 7 Email 10: Setting up your email account is as simple and easy to do on any computer or laptop. No problems incurred.

    Binatone Homesurf 7 Appearance (cool looks) 9: Without question the Homesurf 7 is pleasing on the eye and doesnt seem plasticky at all even with its cheap pricing structure. A little gem of a tablet in the looks department.

    Binatone Homesurf 7 Overall Value 9.0 : Compared to other tablets on the market the Binatone Homesurf 7 is a real bargain at under £100 and a must have item for the discerning gadget lover!

  • Binatone Homesurf 7 Full Specifications

    Android 2.2 Froyo OS
    ARM 11 667MHz processor
    7 inch WVGA TFT LCD touchscreen display
    Display resolution: 800 x 480
    Resistive touchscreen with Stylus
    WAP 2.0/HTML browser
    2GB Internal Memory
    Micro SC Card Slot
    FM internet radio
    Audio support: MP3
    Stereo Speakers
    Built-in Microphone
    Video Format: MP4, H.264, Xvid
    3.5mm stereo audio jack
    WiFi 802.11
    Assisted GPS support
    Mini USB port
    Video playback: 3 hours

  • Binatone Homesurf 7 User Reviews

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  • Binatone Homesurf 7

    On, this tablet is sold at £149.90. This is a sim-free and no-contract package.

  • Binatone Homesurf 7 High Street Options

    Right now, there are no service providers that offer long-term Binatone Homesurf 7 deals. What you can do is check out stores that offer the Binatone Homesurf 7 tablet for sale. You can get a good Binatone Homesurf 7 price now that will not make a huge dent on your savings so it's perfectly okay that there are no long-term contracts offered today.

    One store where you can get a good Binatone Homesurf 7 price now is Carphone Warehouse. If you choose one of the Binatone Homesurf 7 deals that they offer, you will be charged only £99.99 for this Android tablet. Shipping is free in mainland UK, too. Another retailer where you can get the Binatone Homesurf 7 tablet for only £99.99 is Best Buy. If you get the tablet with a sleeve, you will pay only £109.99. If you want a sleeve and a stand added to your package, your total bill will only be £119.99.

  • Binatone Homesurf 7 Room For Improvement

    The Binatone Homesurf 7 all in all is a good purchase. In our Binatone Homesurf 7 review there was 3 things that we felt could be improved. 1. The ability to show flash websites. 2. Slighty faster processor required for faster downloads. 3. Extended battery power, 3 hour length could be improved.

  • Binatone Homesurf 7 Tab Broadband – Getting Your Binatone Homesurf 7 online!

    Getting your Binatone Homesurf 7 online is simple. It has a preinstalled Wifi facility that is great for logging onto your home or office broadband connection. You can also sign up for a Mobile Wifi connection with one of the leading network companies such as 3, Orange, Vodafone and T Mobile. Deals for Mobile Wifi range from £9-£25.

  • How to Binatone Homesurf 7 User Guide

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