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Advent Tablet PC

Advent Tablet PC

The latest in computer technology is the tablet pc. If you want to introduce yourself to the tablet world then you may be interested in the Advent Tablet PC range.

Currently there are 2 Advent Tab pc’s for you to choose from and they are known as the Advent Amico and the Advent Vega. The Amico was the first tablet offered by the Advent manufacturers and it was later improved to the form of the Advent Tab called the “Vega”.

The Advent Amico is a 7 inch tablet pc whereas the Vega is much larger at 10.1 inches which we feel is the perfect size!

You will be impressed with the Advent tablet price range as it starts from only £99 for the Amico version but if you want to opt for the latest device the Advent tablet price for the Vega is currently retailing at £249.

  • Our View On The Advent Tab

    We feel that if you want to go with the times and have the latest must have gadget but don’t want to pay out lots of cash that the cheaper Advent Tab, the Amico is perfect for you to get offay with the tablet industry. If your more advanced and need a good tablet pc then opting for the Vega Advent Tablet PC will be perfect for you as it has more high end features and supports Adobe Flash.

  • Advent Tablet Price

    Prices range from £99 up to £249 which we feel are very affordable for the Advent Tablet PC range as the big names in tablets are all priced in the £500 range.

  • Advent Tablet PC News

    At the moment there is no news of a new Advent Tab being released but the Advent Tablet PC known as the “Vega” now comes with a pre installed Adobe Flash player which is a must have feature to view certain websites.

  • How to on the Advent Amico

    Coming Soon